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The Shadows collection is a take on the famed, timeless lights found in French ateliers, and its typology pays tribute to that legacy. The combination of handblown glass, handcrafted wood, and classic shaping has given rise to a light of ageless elegance. The collection comprises four different suspension lights, as striking alone as they are in sets, characterized by a handblown glass shade set upon on a handcrafted wooden body. The clean contours and finish are accentuated by the concealed light source. The Shadows collection is special not only for its wide spectrum of glass colour options, surface finishes, and types of wood but also because the lights can be combined into sets according to customer requirements. They are intended for interiors and, thanks to multiple combination possibilities, are well suited to a broad range of installations.



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  • Marke: BROKIS
  • Kode: PC894;PC895;PC896;PC897;PC891;PC929;PC931;PC921